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The Ear of Wheat

"The ear of Wheat" is a popular Ukrainian folk tale, well known to all Slavic children. It tells a story of three friends: mice Spin and Twirl and Brother Rooster. Mice hated to work and spent all their time having fun. But Brother Rooster was very responsible and hard worker. Once Brother Rooster got an ear of wheat and used it to not make delicious patties only but also to teach his friends to appreciate the job.
The book includes brilliant modern illustrations and dialogues and is available in English and Bilingual(Ukrainian & English).


"Kolobok" is one of the most famous Ukrainian folk tale, well known to all Slavic children. The story is about a fun Small Round Bun who escaped from its home to the forest and met many animals on its way. Kolobok is so full of himself that he can't notice the danger he is about to face outside of a home. The book available in English and Bilingual (Ukrainian & English).

Little Red Riding Hood

The famous story of Brothers Grimm retold and illustrated by artist Sonia O'Lee (Olha Tkachenko). Magnificent illustrations, pleasant elegant design and a familiar story in a fun presentation make the book a favorite for young readers.
Good book for reading to small kids about a love of the little girl and her granny.

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