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Creating a book? Easy!!!

летнее волшебство
The Sheppard
The Turnip, last page
Best friends
The Turnip
The Cat
Billy's Big Nap
You give us your Story - we'll turn it into a Book!
LITTLE BIG ME will create a great book based on your story just in a few steps!


Send us information about your future book and receive the estimation for your project.


Sign a contract.


We make sketches for the design and illustrations and send them to you for review and approval.


We create the final illustrations and layout, and send you the files ready for printing!

our clients say
Olha photo.jpg

Hi! My name is Olya T., I am an artist and illustrator, and it is my company, Little Big Me! 
Since 2008 I've been working with many people who decided to realize their dreams in writing a book and learned a lot about challenges every self-author meets on this road. 
In 2016 I've started Little Big Me for helping people in creating a book of the dream. Since that time I and my colleagues designed, illustrated and prepare for publishing numbers of children's' books. We're proud to be a part of this mystery process, making nice stories real!

who we are
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