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Self Publishing

  Self Publishing Success Is Possible With Creative Collaborations and the Far Reach Of the Internet.

If you have been on the hunt for a quality illustrator who also understands the schematics of children's books layout and design browse our samples and schedule a consultation. You may quickly discover that there is another creative person out there who sees your vision when they read your words and can put art to your creativity. These collaborations are what creates the great bestselling children's books of today, but you have to get started searching for that artist.

We are not new to the world of self publishing and we have a team of talented artists who enjoy the process of creating beautiful, remarkable, and vivid worlds from the words written by our clients. Many of our writers return to us again and again because they enjoyed the process of seeing their words come to life and the rewards of having a finished book worthy of self-publishing.

Children's books are still a popular market, even when many kids have electronic devices as well. You can self publish to print, in ebook format, and even record a YouTube Video of your book being read to draw in more people to view your story alongside our illustrator's art. Your options are endless as your imagination. If you have a story in your heart, already written, or halfway done, we encourage you to finish it and invest in your future by contracting a skilled artist to back your work with a vision that is consumable to larger crowds of young readers and toddlers. We look forward to watching you grow as a creator with the help of skilled illustrators.

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