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I forgive you

I forgive you
I forgive you

Even if
Even if

In the beginning
In the beginning

I forgive you
I forgive you


I have just completed my first children's storybook, called, " In the Beginning" and I owe a huge "Thank You" to Olha Tkachenko! 

When we started looking online for Illustrators, Olha's artwork caught the attention of my son who was helping me, research Artists/Illustrators. He brought her to my attention and then contacted her on my behalf. 

Would she be interested in helping his Mother accomplish her vision of writing and publishing this little children's' story on Creation? 

We immediately received a very firm and positive, "Yes"! And so our journey together began. 

We signed a contract in which we agreed that she would do the sketches first and I would be allowed to ask for changes or simply "turn down" any sketch that I was not totally satisfied with. Once we agreed on the sketches, she would do the watercolors. 

I was totally thrilled beyond measure with each and every sketch that Olha produced!! I was actually in awe of how this talented woman just "knew" what to sketch...when I hadn't even been able to form a concept in my own head! 

I knew what I wanted the story to say...but I had no idea as to how to convey this same story in pictures. 

Imagine taking the concept of "before the world began", which would have meant total darkness...and coming up with the wonderful idea of a Grandma telling her grandchildren the story from her Bible!! I loved it! 

It was as if God gave Olha the insight to know exactly how this story was to be told. 

We worked well together! I loved every sketch ( with nary a turn-down). I loved every finished watercolor illustration! Olha was...and is, a Star in my books!! 

A lovely bonus of working with Olha on my first book was that she also did all of the layouts through a little company called, "Little Big Me Publishing". 

So when Olha was finished...I could send my book directly to print, which I did. 

I love her work so much that I have already approached her about doing a second book next Spring. I have it in the rough draft already and I have full confidence that once we start...it will be completed in short order and that I will love it, as well! 

Olha Tkachenko is an extremely gifted Artist. I am grateful to God for bringing us together and I hope to do many future projects with her. 

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