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Are You Creative and Full of Stories to Share But Do Not Have The Illustration to Back Your Story?

At Little Big Me we meet people who have creativity just spilling onto the pages of their children's books, yet they need skilled and creative book illustration to bring those stories to the page in a whole new way. We love the process of creating quality book illustration options for writers of all types of children's books. The final product will be a book that is worthy of the attention of younger readers and will also please the parents and teachers that read the book aloud to their classes and children.


Your personal style will not be compromised at Little Big Me. We have a variety of artists who create in many styles from black and white, colorful, pastels, digital, soft lines, bold colors, and everything in between. You will find a match for your creative way with words that are equally creative with images.


Contact us for a consultation after browsing our website to get a general idea of our prices and packages. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and guide you through any aspect of the process you may need assistance with. The first step is to fill out our custom form that will allow you to reveal your expectations in detail. We will get a feel for your book, your ideas, your color preferences, and other seemingly little details that will make your book truly yours in the collaboration. The next step will be agreeing upon a contract and putting 30% down on the project. Then our artist will get to work and start sketching on a design for your approval. Up to two reviews and consultations are included. After feedback from you, the next stage will be on the artist's part to work to finish your quality illustrations and layout.

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