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Children's Book Illustrators

A Book Cover Can Sell Your Book, Choose The Best in Children's Book Illustrators to Make the First Impression You Want.

Book cover illustration matters greatly when it comes to children's books because much of your audience cannot read yet and those images are what will draw them in to choose a book to request from their parents. If you want your book to stand out then choose from the best in children's book illustrators to impress your fans. You can have the best talent working for you, without compromising your own design ideas.

Judge your book by its cover with us at Little Big Books, and you won't be disappointed. In fact, you will likely find yourself displaying your own book and picking it up to view the details often. The process is simple, you have a say in each stage, and we will go in the direction you need so the final vision for children's book illustration matches your story.

The process is easy, our form will ask you a lot of questions about your style and ideas for how you want your ideas portrayed artfully. Then once the contract is signed you will receive a sketch to make sure the artist's ideas are aligned with your inner vision. Once these first sketches are approved by you the illustrator will do the rest of the book and turn the finished product to you in a scheduled amount of time. You are free then to pursue your career with your new book either through self-publishing, children's book publishers, or other formats. The art belongs to you.

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