Book Publishing Companies

Book Publishing Companies Do Not Have To Be In Your Area for Quality Collaboration on Your Project.

If you have written a story that you would like to come to life with illustrations that fit your style and ideas, then contact us for a collaboration with Little Big Me. At Little Big Me we have a team of talented artists who can help your dreams bloom in 2020. Once you see your story drawn out and your characters on paper you may just find inspiration to continue writing and creating.

Great collaborations are the key to most successful creative ventures. The best singers have back up and producers, the best dancers have choreographers and music, the best directors have actors and a team of professionals to bring a project together. If you love writing and have a variety of stories collecting dust then it is time to start the process of finding a team to collaborate with that can showcase your skill in storytelling with quality images that the book publishing companies will notice.

If you want to produce quality work that will get the attention of children's book publishers and book publishing companies in general then we will help you. Keep in mind that you do not need the backing or support of book publishing companies to be successful. If you have a book of quality then you can market your own work online and at local library and bookstore readings. With social media and shrinking of the globe with the internet, you can achieve any goal, as long as you have the quality writing and artistry to create something worth marketing to begin with. We work with self-publishers all the time, and for many we are the go to resource for quality illustrators because of the talent and communication within the firm. Fill out our form today to get the process started on your new book.