About Us

Hi! My name is Olya T., I am an artist and illustrator, and it is my company, Little Big Me! 
Since 2008 I've been working with many people who decided to realize their dreams in writing a book and learned a lot about challenges every self-author meets on this road. 
In 2016 I've started Little Big Me for helping people in creating a book of the dream. Since that time I and my colleagues designed, illustrated and prepare for publishing numbers of children's' books. 
I have other illustrators, designers and editors joined my team. Together we offer a bigger variety of styles in traditional and digital illustration and book design. We're proud to be a part of this mystery process, making nice stories real!

At Little Big Me we are a team of professionals who can care about your story and turn it into a book. First of all, we will provide consultation about the self-publishing process. How to choose a printer? What are your goals for publishing? Is it a commercial or non-commercial project?  Who is your potential auditory? What kind of design is better to match your goals?

We know the path and ready to lead you trough. We will edit your text, develop the design concept, create illustrations and prepare the files ready for printing. So just give us your story and you get the book done! 

our artists
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Katrin Belaya

Digital Artist, Animator

Oksana Ozerna

Artist, Storyteller

Varia K.

Artist, Book Designer